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  • I have known Mr. Timothy M. Barrett, President of Equity Attainment, Inc., for the past several years both on a personal and professional level. Mr. Barrett's firm has successfully managed my shopping centers for quite some time now and I highly recommend him to others who may have need of such services. His staff is fully capable of carrying out the various duties associated with the day-to-day operation of shopping centers - including everything from the procurement of tenants, to the reviewing and awarding of contracts (i.e., snowplowing and landscaping), to the collection of rental fees and the payment of bills associated with owning and operating a development.

Personally, I have found Mr. Barrett to be the epitome of professionalism and honesty. He has consistently proven to me that his real estate experience and knowledge have greatly contributed to this successful operation of my real estate holdings, and I highly recommend him to other investors.

In the event you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 773-399-1390.

Very truly yours,

Jeff Krol of Jeffrey Krol & Associates

  • Please be advised that I have known Tim Barrett of Equity Attainment, Inc., for many years and have had the opportunity to observe him in both managerial and entreprenurial capacities. I have found him to be of the highest integrity, extremely reliable and a very competent property manager. Moreover, he is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful, with excellent innovative ideas when there is a hard-to-rent space or competition is difficult due to over supply and weak demand.

I most highly recommend Mr. Barrett and feel that your engaging him as property manager will be much to your benefit.

Should you have any further questions, please fell free to call me at 773-489-7600.

Very truly yours,

David Husman of Equibase Capital Corporation

  • This letter will verify that Mr. Timothy M. Barrett of Equity Attainment, Inc., has been a vital part of the successful management of my shopping centers. I have known Mr. Barrett for several years and in that time have found him to be an efficient property manager, as well as a person of high integrity and professionalism. He has demonstrated time and again that he has the ability and resources necessary to procure those tenants which will be assets to a shopping center, and I have found him to be a most effective liaison between Landlord and Tenant as well.

    Mr. Barrett's real estate background includes the development and management of his own shopping centers and this experience, in part, has contributed to his success in managing shopping centers for other people, I believe. In the past when I acted upon his recommendations concerning various real estate matters, I was well pleased with the results. His suggestions, I assure you, are always seriously considered.

    I believe Mr. Barrett is a real estate professional of the highest degree, and I am pleased to recommend him to other shopping center owners.

    Yours very truly,

    Thomas Conrardy of Prudential Realty Company, Inc.

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